A Christmas Update

The night before Christmas, when the world is asleep,

Patchy enjoys a beer and rests his feet.

It’s been a big year, providing the best

100% Australian peanuts (and the rest!)

Our year has been busy, full of highs and excitement,

The EKKA returned; it was great advertisement!


We farewelled some staff and welcomed new faces,

Welcomed new products and ventured more places.

Casino, Brisbane, Toowoomba and more

There’s no where The Peanut Van didn’t explore!


“What Australia Grows, Makes Australia Grow”

Is a phrase that rings true

Our success is not possible

Without all of you!


We are looking forward to a rest and the chance to recoup,

From Patchy & Chris, and The Peanut Van troupe,

A Big Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

See you in 2023, you’ll find us all here.